Montreal YouTube Gathering 4

Photos by: Andy Fidel

YouTube holds creative spaces around the globe with the occasional Pop-Up Studios a little bit here and there. But for places like Canada, people who want to engage on YouTube require a space where they can agglomerate and be creative. This is why a group of young and passionate content creators from Montreal (and surroundings) have come together to bring into existence.

The creation of Montreal YouTubers has encouraged people whom gave up on YouTube to re-engage as they saw hope for their local region. Others saw that Montreal has potential, seeing people being active in the community, thus opened their own YouTube channels. A physical community has allowed people to bring the YouTube experience to a whole new level by being able to exchange ideas and meet other like-minded people.

A mini-doc about this community will be brought to you by What’s Up Montreal?. More explanations in depth will be provided in the coverage, so stay tuned.

You can see also this article which explains how YouTube is a career for many:


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