Joysticks, Superman Costumes, in a Friendly Atmosphere: My night at the Second Anniversary of Gaymer Zone

I knew gays, I knew geeks, I did NOT know gaymers…

by: Matteo Milesi

I have been to many gay clubs and to numerous events, but Gaymer Zone was definitely one of a kind. As its name accurately implies, it is a place for the LGBT+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender +) community to play video games, drink and have a good time, all in an amicable environment. Even though it was initially targeted for the LGBT+ community, everyone from all walks of life was welcome to attend.

Mike Savoie, founder and expert gamer himself, had the desire to gather everyone with a passion for video games in one place. What was once, two years ago, just a great idea has now grown into a weekly event that is as popular as it is successful.

Photo by Ngoc Ngoc

Photo by Ngoc Ngoc

When I initially walked into the event, a man dressed up as superman was dancing to “Let it Go” from Disney’s Frozen, while others were playing Super Smash Bros. Mike took a minute to remind everyone of all of their rules and most importantly, to partake in fair play. Creating a safe and welcoming environment was definitely one of his priorities. As a side note, I have to say that I felt totally comfortable from beginning to end.

Gaymer Zone truly does have an impact on the community; Mike explained to me that the comfort and ease of the environment he has created had actually helped at least half a dozen of his attendees come out.

Even though Gaymer Zone started two years ago, Mike is always looking for new and exciting attractions. One of his initiatives was to create a tournament where participants can play video games (switching them up weekly), through which you can win a ton of fun prizes. Additionally, a new video projector was recently installed, which enables more group participation and game diversity. One specific instance that was memorable to me was when a group of about ten were competing to Lady Gaga’s song in the “Just Dance” interactive dancing game. The dancing, the music, and the laughs all made for an exceptional experience.

Photo by Ngoc Ngoc

Photo by Ngoc Ngoc

I personally have never been a huge video game player myself, but I got caught up in the atmosphere and had an amazing time! I even got the opportunity to play Super Smash Bros, a definite blast from the past. What I found pretty awesome was also the fact that nobody will ever judge you…

Overall, it was a great night. It gave me the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and to explore all of the dimensions of a new and exciting one!

If you want to give it a try, which I highly recommend, check out their Facebook page or go to “Le Bar Code” on Tuesdays and see for yourself!

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