NHL 2016 video game launch event presented by Microplay

Wednesday September 16th 2015 – Montreal

Yesterday, hundreds of fans attended the NHL 2016 tournament at Bain Mathieu in honor of the launch of the highly anticipated hockey video game. The lucky winner would take home an HD TV, a Playstation 4 and a copy of the game NHL 16.


NHL ’16 video game available for xbox one and playstation 4

Since Montreal is a hockey town, the festive ambiance could be felt by the fans, especially because two renown hockey players of the Montreal Canadiens showed up for the special event. The right-wing number 22 Dale Weise and number 11 Brendan Gallagher. What’s up Montreal? had the chance to get a quick interview with Weise, who showed clear contentment to be part of the event.


Weise and Gallagher posing for the press

WUM: Are you a big video game player?

Weise: I used to be a big video game player, I don’t play as much anymore but I play a little bit.

WUM: How does it feel to play your own character in NHL?

Weise: It is pretty cool obviously! When I grew up, I used to play NHL and you always create your own player but it’s not actually you and to have my own player it is pretty neat!

WUM: Do you think you look like your character? How are the graphics?

Weise: I have not seen this year version of the game, but the past couple of years the graphics have been pretty good and they are getting better every year so I think I look alright!

WUM: What do you like most when you are playing NHL?

Weise: I think it is kind of cool when you get to play yourself, that’s the coolest thing! You can put yourself in any line you want, you can be the coach and stuff like that and I like being the coach.

WUM: Let’s say it, there are clearly more guys than girls here. Do you think NHL could also be a girl’s game or it is only for guys?

Weise: I think it is for everybody! Everybody can get into it and enjoy it. You would be surprised by the amount of girls that do game. I think it’s fun for everybody.


Alex Melki and Ana Bourgeois taking a selfie with Weise


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