That one time I took my mom to a burlesque drag show and didn’t die

My mom was in town visiting; I had two tickets for the “Gentlemen Prefer Billy” show; I decided to take her.


Photography: Marisa Parisella

This was my first experience at a drag show and I really did not know what to expect. I was really excited about the idea of taking my mom to the show, but the more we got closer to the date, the more I realized how awkward this night could be. Mommy and I, sitting side-by-side, front row, while nudity and bad sex jokes would be thrown at us.

None of which happened.

The show was at the Wiggle Room, a cute and cozy venue on St Laurent. It was actually so close to my house I never realized it was there before.

The intimate atmosphere opened up to us and we were quickly exposed to the hospitality provided by the Lady of the House. She came to our table and took the time to ask us if it was our first time here, it was that obvious. Nonetheless, she proceeded to explain to us what would happen during the show and I felt a little more reassured.

Once the show started, I quickly saw that it was far from what I imagined. There were no exposed private body parts, no one grinding on a pole or giving someone a lap dance. The dancing and singing performed by Billy, accompanied by a live jazz band, was breath taking. Billy had such an incredible energy right from the beginning until the very end that just made me want to jump on stage and start dancing with her! I still wonder how she managed to perform the entire show in this outfit. Would you be able to dance for an hour in a vinyl dress, stiletto high heels, and heavy make-up?

Billy wearing the Vinyl dress and performing

Billy wearing the vinyl dress and performing ‘Maneater’ by Hall & Oates.

To my surprise, my mom was having so much fun singing along and rockin’ out in her seat.

It was such a good night; bonding with my mom in an unusual environment really brought us closer. Anyone wanting to check off a box on their “firsts” list or anyone wanting to have a good time should take their moms, friends, dates, whoever, to Billy’s next Christmas show on December 11 and 12 at the Wiggle Room.

Catch me on my next adventure or follow me on Instagram. Tchuss.

Mattéo Milesi

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